The war between Billboards and digital marketing?

The war is pretty much over between the two even before it begins and frankly, there is no war between the two as the two are in a different league. Even then, the question has to answer, so here goes nothing. On the one hand, you have companies like SEO Malaysia that almost certainly guarantee results within a speculated time based on analytics and patterns and on the other hand, you have a billboard somewhere alongside a road that only a limited number of people will ever be able to see.


Billboards are meant (mostly) to capture the eyeballs of people on the road, getting their attention and hopefully expecting them to remember something they caught a glimpse of while moving at 60 miles an hour paying attention to the road or worst yet their phone. Thattoo most of the times after they have reached their destination, which is sometimes acouple of hours away, with no persuasion for a call to action. For a fact, we know that we are unable to recall almost 80% of the data that we process in a day and of the 20 percent it is almost impossible to recall something that we saw for a fraction of a second through our peripheral while moving at high speeds. Unfortunately, or fortunately, billboards are nothing but dead, with technology being the biggest enemy of billboards. With faster and faster cars and self-driving cars coming down the line we will be paying lesser attention to what is on the side of the road and rather be enjoying the company of our co-passengers or be staring at a screen somewhere in the car or at our phones. It means that billboards will not get the desired attention they are out to seek.

Digital marketing.

It is marketing done with the usage of any digital device in the form of audio (least in use) like radio, video like the ads you see before a video on YouTube or SEO optimization through the likes of content writing or copywriting. It is one of the most ergonomic ways of marketing as digital platforms have the most numbers of eyeballs compared to other forms of marketing to get attention from. Add in the fact that it is not bound by geographical dimensions and caters to a worldwide audience, and you get a platform with one of the highest potentials for successful marketing. Companies like Google and Facebook (now owning Instagram and WhatsApp as well) control a fair share of the audience around the world, generating more revenue than any other company in the same field. Another reason why digital marketing is winning most certainly is because the number of people spending time on electronic devices is only shooting up. Thanks to the digital revolution (ages ago) around the globe, more and more people will be able to see the works of digital marketing over a more extended period. Digital marketing allows you to get to a target audience using more than one way and that too around the globe, unlike billboards.