How to maintain your Air conditioner?

The filters, coils, and fins of an air conditioner must be maintained regularly for the unit to perform successfully and efficiently over the years. When you don’t care about the regular checkups of your air conditioner then you are inviting risk to its performance. Visit here to avail professionals who are really good at aircon servicing Singapore.More strategies to help increase your comfort and the efficiency of your air conditioner can be found below.

  • Air Conditioner Filters

The main task is to always ensure that the filters of your air conditioner are clean for a specific time duration. The clogged filters act as a blockage which reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner. To bring a major risk there is also a chance that this dirt may enter the evaporator coil which will stop absorbing the heat. This will leave you with a warm room and even dusty air and call for the professionals.

  • Air Conditioner Coils

After the continuous use of many years, the evaporator and condenser of your air conditioner catch a lot of dirt. When the filters are clean then the evaporator coils are not dirty. The dirt stops the airflow which further leads to insulating the coil and low down the heat capacity. So keep a check on the evaporator coil at least one time in the year and get it cleaned. You can locate the dirt from the fins easily when these condenser coils are visible.

  • Coil Fins

These aluminum fins can create an obstruction in the airflow through the evaporator and condenser. The tool which is a fin comb is being sold through air conditioning wholesalers. This helps in combing the fins back to virtual shapes.

  • Condensate Drains

You should pass some strong wire from the drain passage to check its clogging. When drain channels get clogged, a unit’s ability to reduce humidity is compromised, and the extra moisture that results can stain walls or carpets.

  • Window Seals for Room Air Conditioners

Always have a strong check on the seal of your window pane and air conditioner to ensure that it does not let any air escape. As when it catches moisture the barrier may damage and it can lead to the escape of the cool air from your home.

Therefore hire a professional service expert if your air conditioner requires more than routine maintenance, such as when it fails to maintain a reasonable indoor temperature.